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At present work of ‘Admin’ is undertaken by Arun Jaiswal
To send data / text / photo for your page, please e-mail it to him.
In case of any query you can speak to him on his mobile.
If he is not reachable on phone, you may speak to Ramesh Bairathi or Sudhir Trehan
Their e-mail ids and mobile numbers are available on their pages

Information required
Some information for your page has been incorporated however it is very little.
You are request to furnish the remaining, and ASPS.
Success of this effort depends on your participation.

The web-site needs:
- Your Roll No., if you remember it. Many have had put in
- Your present address
- An alternative address, if you spend sizable time at another place too – with children for example
- Your mobile number – it is available with us
- An alternate mobile number – in case yours is not reachable – wife’s, son’s, daughter’s…
- Your e-mail id – many have given, but not all
- Your wife’s name – this will be tagged under your photo with wife
- Your marriage date – this will also be tagged under your photo with wife

Then your photos – minimum three, as described below
maximum six, the other three are optional, described further down

Description                                         Tag
Your recent photo (solo)                    one line tag to it – you have to advise
Marriage time photo with wife            wife’s name and date of marriage
Recent photo with wife                       a text tag under it – please advise

Then text of three brief write-ups about you
1. After BIT – a brief of your professional journey
2. Notable achievements – a brief on high points in your career
3. Other achievements – like your interests, philanthropy and spiritual highlights

At the bottom of the page is provision for three more photos, with tags.
These could be about your family or whatever else you would like to share with your friends.
This is optional.