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Frequently Asked Questions and Trouble Shooting:
Given below are some quick-fixes for the less-computer savvy friends

Q: I can open web-site but can not open full page of any Alumnus.
Q:  When I click on his name, or on ‘view’ against his name, a strange window appears.
Ans: To open any Alumnus’s full page, you must login

Q: How do I login ?
Ans: Your login id is your 10 digit mobile number registered with us (without country code),
and your password as you have chosen when you had logged in first time

Q: What if I forget my password ?
Ans: Click on Generate New Password on top right corner and follow instructions
And try not to forget Password, else next time you will have to generate new password again

Q: I don’t have a password;   I am login in first time.
Ans: Follow the same method as told above to Generate New Password

Q: How do I change my password ?
Ans : This means that you remember your earlier password.
After login in using it, click on top right corner on Change Password and follow instructions
If you don’t remember your password, follow as told above to Generate New Password

Q: Why is the system made difficult with this damn password ?
Ans: It is to protect your personal data from phishing, no other reason.
All other pages on web-site, most in fact, are accessible without bother of login and password.

Q: What do I do if I want to show this website to a person of some other similar group/association ?
Ans: As such whole web-site can be accessed by anybody except personal information pages.
If you feel the need to show that to someone, inform Admin with his mobile no. and e-mail id.
Admin can permit temporary access, with same procedure as in case of an Alumnus.

Q: The lists on Alumni 1962-66 page is long; I have difficulty in locating the name I want to see.
Ans: Use the QUICK SEARCH option – Type Name and SEARCH

Q: If I am visiting Jaipur (or any other city), how do I find who all are there ?
Ans: on Alumni 1962-66 page use the QUICK SEARCH option – Type City and SEARCH

Q: How do I get who all have Birthday (or Marriage Anniversary) in this month ?
Ans: on Alumni 1962-66 page use the QUICK SEARCH option – choose Month and SEARCH

Q: To glance at someone’s mobile number or e-mail id, do I have to open his full page ?
Ans: No, on Alumni 1962-66 page only click on View against his name (after login in)

Q: Why are pics on Alumni 1962-66 page so small ?
Ans: Click on a Thumbnail and its zooms out with a recent pic of the Alumnus

Q: Why are pics on The BIT Days page so small ?
Ans: This is an album. Click on any pic and it zooms out with a tag at the bottom side

Q: To see all pics of The BIT Days do I have click on every pic one by one ?
Ans: No, after you have clicked on one pic to zoom it, use  <  and  >  buttons on both sides to scroll

Q: How do I get pics or texts added/corrected/changed/deleted on my page ?
Q: Can I send pics to be added in The BIT Days ?
Q: Where do I send pics for The Bond Continues ?
Ans: For any of the above send by e-mail pics in .jpg and text in .doc word file to the Admin,
at present Arun Jaiswal.
A SMS or a WhatsApp message to him will ensure prompt compliance.
To get his e-mail id and mobile number,
type his name in the Box, and
click on VIEW