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Instructions / info
For the less-computer-savvy friends:
Take a ‘print’ of this page and keep by your side when you login first time. You won’t need it later.

On opening the web-site www.bitosa1962-66.org.in you see in the top line  Home .
The web-site has five more sections (written next to  Home  on the top line)

Alumni 1962-66     The BIT Days     The Bond Continues     Instructions     Contact Us  

Moving cursor on these turns them Red and as you click on any when Red, the relevant section opens.

1st section  Alumni 1962-66  is the Listing Page with thumbnails
Note: access of more details on this page is ‘password’ protected
The Listing Page is in three separate side-by-side lists viz.


under CURRENTLY CONNECTED is the header line denoting –

 Sort by >>    Name    Branch    City    DOB    Wedding Ann.  and   Contact .

By clicking on any one of  Name    Branch    City    DOB   the list is sorted as per that box

For individual line (that is, for each guy)
Clicking on a thumbnail, his full pics. zoom out – both ‘old’ and ‘current’
Clicking on his name, his page opens up (after login in using password)
Clicking on view against his name, his mobile no. and e-mail id pop out (after login in)
* Note: to deny theft of info to hackers / spammers, these info are pass-word protected

login id is your 10 digit mobile no. (ignore +91 or +1) for +91 98210 45361 it is 9821045361
+1 408 509 5711 it is 4085095711
password: for 1st time user you need to click on generate new password and then do as told,
You will get a OTP (on your mobile for India mobile numbers, or by e-mail if from outside India)
                   Use this OTP to login As you login with OTP your name will show on top line in the screen.
                   Now move cursor to the top right corner on change password and click on it
                   Change password to the one which you will use in future and will remember
                   As you do that a message – “password updated successfully” will show on your screen
                   Now login again with the changed password (as a regular user)

                    Important: this password is for all your future use, remember it.
                    If you wish to change your password, use change password option
                    If you forget password, go to generate new password like a first-time user

How to find a particular friend’s details

There are two options –
a) click in header on  Name  to sort the list alphabetically and scroll down to find him.
b) Quick Search: below black band, under QUICK SEARCH in the box  Type Name  type out his name or a part of his name like ‘sud’ or ‘mohan’ or ‘treh’ for Sudhir Mohan Trehan and click on Search button on the right side…
now will appear a short list with fewer names, his and others who have those alphabets in common with him (example: ‘sud’ will short list Sudesh Kumar, Sudhir Mohan Trehan, Santosh Kumar Sud, Sudhir Malhotra, Madusudan Prasad Singh and Sudesh Loomba)
Now you have your desired friend’s name in sight to click
- on his thumbnail to see his zoomed pics, or
- on view to get his  contact info  mobile number and e-mail id (after login in with pw), or
- on his name to open his   full page  (after login in with pw)

The  full page  for each alumni is self explained/understood when opened.
Alternative address is for those who often spend time at another place too, else blank.
Alternative mobile number is for use if his is not reachable – his wife’s, son’s or daughter’s etc.
Then comes pics with wife – earlier and recent with tags/text as seen on page,
and below that the texts of

  After BIT        Notable Achievements        Other Achievements ,

Those who provide some more info about self / family, it is show at the bottom of the page,
else the page ends without it.

How to find friends in a particular city
Under QUICK SEARCH in the box  Type City  type name of city and a small list will show up.

How to find DOBs in a month
Under QUICK SEARCH in the box  Month  choose the month and a small list will show up.

2nd Section  The BIT Days  – the photo gallery and scribble folder.
Click on any photo for it to zoom; don’t miss to read the tag under each photo.
Once one photo is zoomed, you can scroll through the rest by clicking > button on right for the next, or < button on the left for the previous photo.

In the scribble folder are pages of anecdotes (of BIT days) which some of you post.
To read them, click on scribble folder icon and from the drop down menu choose the page.

3rd Section  The Bond Continues  is for the activities of the group now onwards

Similar to ‘The BIT Days’ it will have photo gallery for reunions and smaller-group-meets having a folder with one page similar to 2nd Section above for each event.

4th Section   Instructions  is the page you are reading now.

5th Section   Contact us  contains e-mail id and mobile number of ‘Admin’

It also details out
- what info is sought from you for your page and how to send it
- how you can add to contents of  The BIT Days ,
- how to forward contents for  The Bond Continues .

Note: you can print this page